• My pool water is green, "I can restore the water?
    Yes, in limpiopiscinas recover or stagnant green water, collecting solid waste and treatment of shock your pool put in a position to take bath in a few days.
  • Why does my pool have a strong chlorine smell?
    You me be improperly administering chemicals, which is costly and can prove harmful to eyes and skin.
  • Is it safe to use chlorine in pools?
    Yes. Disinfected and chlorine are safe if used in appropriate proportions. Most public swimming pools and 9 out of 10 private use chlorine.
  • Does salt electrolysis system is free of chemicals?
    Not all pools have to be treated for disinfection with chlorine or bromine. When salt dissolves in water, salt electrolysis converts it into chlorine. And the high pH of the salt, requires large amounts of acid
  • What are the recommended chemical levels to keep my pool?
    PH, 7.2-7.6, chlorine libre1.0 to 3.0 ppm, total alkalinity, 80-120 ppm, calcium hardness, 200-300 ppm, cyanuric acid, 30-60 ppm
  • When do I need to empty the water from my pool?
    First do no good to leave the pool without water for long periods, as it may break due to earth movement. In limpiopiscinas only resorted to emptying pools when the level of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) is very high.
  • The water of my pool is cloudy.
    Is an indication of dirt, a faulty filtration system or algae.
  • The water of my pool has foam.
    Is the result of a chemical imbalance, many cosmetics, suntan oils or algae.
  • I can change the lights without emptying my pool?
    Yes, pool builders usually put long electrical cables to power them out bulbs.
  • Is it safe for my dog drink pool water?
    Although it is preferable to drink from his bowl, if water is bathing under ideal conditions, there should be no problem.

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